Privacy Policy


Codice Verde S.R.L. VAT 04145010270 located in via Mestrina 6/c in Mestre, Venice, email address in its capacity as Data Controller according to the regulation, in regard of the processing for Web Users, notifies that the processing will be based on principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of your privacy and rights.



According to the article 13 of the 2016/679 GDPR, therefore, we inform you of the following instructions: personal data (name, surname, essential data of documents, phone number, email address, etc), will be provided during the accession based on the affiliation requested.

Codice Verde S.R.L. in its capacity as your personal data controller, informs you on data usage and on your rights, so that you can consciously express your consent, where requested, and exercise your rights foreseen by the GDPR.



Your personal data (provided by yourself, third parties or found in public registers within the limits of the law) can be processed for the following purposes:

Acquisition Management and inspection

A) Personal data can be processed without your expressed consent (art.6 lett. b), e) of GDPR), for the following service purposes:

          finalise the contracts for the Data Controller services;

          fulfilment of pre-contractual, contractual, and tax obligations deriving from existing relationships with you;

          fulfilment of the obligations provided by laws, regulations, EC rules and/or by an order of the Authority (for example in relation to money laundering) we will process your data to fulfil the obligations imposed from tax laws;

          exercise the rights of the data subject’s rights, for example the right to defence in court;

          to perform obligations under your contract or to fulfil, before the conclusion of the contract, specific requests of yours, also through means of distance communication.

B) Subject to your specific consent (art.7 of GDPR), for the following Marketing purposes:

          direct marketing: newsletter, marketing communications and/or products and services ads offered by the Data controller and surveys on your satisfaction level for the service quality will be sent through your email address, postal service and/or sms and/or phone contacts;

          indirect marketing: marketing and/or promotional communications on behalf of third parties (for example, business partners and/or other companies from the family), will be sent through your email address, postal service and/or sms and/or phone contacts;

Cookies – Codice Verde S.R.L. wants to inform you that entering the noticed sites, some “cookies” can be sent to your device, following the available guidelines on how to use the related sites’ pages.

Lastly, your data can be transferred to third parties for the purposes declared by the Data controller.



The processing of your personal data is carried out by means of the operations indicated in art.4 of the GDPR and particularly

Collection Direct Contact Elaboration

Your personal data will undergo a process both digital and/or on paper.

Codice Verde S.R.L. has adopted technical and organisational measures to prevent and limit the risk of data breach. The Data controller will process personal data for the time needed to fulfil the above purposes and in any case for no more than 10 years from the termination of the relationship for the Service Term and no more than 2 years from the collecting of data for marketing purposes.



Your data could be accessed for the purposes specified in art.2.A) and 2.B):

          to employees and partners of the Data controller and companies in their quality of representatives of the processing;

          To third party companies or other subjects (indicatively, credit institutions, professional firms, consultants, service companies) that carry outsourcing activities for the Data controller, in their quality of representatives of the processing.



Without the need for an express agreement , art.6 lett. b) and c), the Data controller can communicate your data for the purposes related to art.2.A) to Supervisory Bodies, Judicial Authorities, as well as to those subjects requiring such disclosure to carry out the above mentioned purposes.

These subjects will deal with the data in their quality as autonomous owners of the processing.

Your data will not be disclosed.

Your data may be used for user profiling, i.e. a collection and aggregation of your personal data to take appropriate marketing decisions or to analyze and predict, still for marketing purposes, your personal preferences, behaviors and attitude.

Profiling asks for your consent. Failure to consent does not affect the regular development of the affiliation based on which your data are processed.



Personal data are kept on servers located in the EU. However, it remains that the Data controller, if necessary, can decide to move the servers in an extra-EU country. In such a case, the Data controller assures that the data transfer will be done in accordance with statutory provisions, subject to the stipulation of the clauses provided by the European Commission.




The provision of data for the purposes related to A) is mandatory.

In case of absence, we can’t ensure the regular provision of the Services.

The provision of the data related to B) is optional. Therefore, you can decide to not disclose any data or to deny the possibility to process provided data afterwards: in this case, you won’t receive marketing communications related to services offered by the Data controller.

You will still be entitled to the services related to A). The data collected that don’t have to be kept for a specific legal obligation, will be cancelled within 24 months.


You may, at any time, exercise the following rights expressly recognized as useful by the Regulation:

          You have the right to lodge a complaint with the national authority (Guarantor for the protection of personal data) at any time if you believe that your right is violated.

          You have the right to have your data always accurate and updated and therefore you can at any time report or request that they be updated.

          You have the right to revoke your consent for the processing of the data provided where it’s not prevented from legal provision or the need to protect the rights of the Data controller even in court. In any case, the request for revocation gives rise to the right to limit the processing.

          You have the right to access your data processed by the Data controller through a written request, also accepted in digital form. It is essential that you can provide proof of your identity, possibly even by accessing our databases through credentials uniquely referable to your person. The right to access your data for free for once, while you could be asked for a contribution for the following requests. You have the right to receive an answer within thirty days from your request. You have the right to have your data in printable format.

          You have the right to rectify and update your data and may at any time request that it be updated and corrected if it verifies that the data in our possession is outdated or incorrect. In order to ensure the update of data, we invite you to report any useful changes.

          You have the right to cancel personal data, as long as it’s not an information the Data controller has to keep for legal obligation as, for example, obligations imposed by tax laws, anti-money laundering provisions or for the protection of the Data controller’s rights in case of litigation.

          If you contest the accuracy of your data, or the lawfulness of the processing, or the Data controller’s right to cancel your data, or if you object the data processing and the Data controller contests your objection, you have the right that your data may be kept but not processed unless within the limits required for the resolution of the dispute on the same data.

          If the Data controller was to edit or delete part or all your data, you have the right to be informed and object to its editing and deleting.

          You have the right to transfer your data – stored and processed electronically – to another operator, within the limits indicated by the Regulations, in such a way as to allow easy reading and acquisition by third parties. These include data deriving from the automatic observation of your activity carried out through the IT services of the Data Controller, such as searches and chronology of the activities performed.

          You have the right to object us to process your data, to profiling, to use the data for direct marketing, to profiling for public interest or for scientific research purposes or historical or statistical.

          Codice Verde S.R.L. can, in certain situation, adopt automated procedures to take decisions that may concern you, especially to decide if and at which conditions sign an agreement with you directly or through third parties. In that case, you have the right to request that, before taking a binding decision, your position is examined by a human operator who will make an assessment about it.

          Codice Verde S.R.L. can, in certain situations, process your data to communicate with you about commercial, informative, or educational initiatives. In that case, your consent should be explicit and separated from other forms of consensus and you can revoke the consent given at any time.

          You have the right to be consulted when evaluating the safety processes for the processing and protection of your data.



Your requests can be exercised through communications written to the Data controller’s address or the e-mail address specified above or, if applicable, you can send them yourself on the personal area telematically provided through a unique identifier.

The updated list of responsibles and appointed for treatment is kept at Owner Legal Address.